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Pink Beach in Komodo National Park
Edition #52 Flores

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The island of Flores is a stone-throw from Bali. The name derives from the Portuguese for 'flowers' named 'Cabo das Flores’, which means ‘Cape of Flowers by spice trade colonialists in the early 1700s.

Like the majority of destinations in Indonesia, it's a hope and a skip from anywhere. It takes just over an hour to fly to Labuan Bajo in Flores' far west. 

Even if you're not familiar with the name and location, you'd know it as the stepping-off point for the islands of Komodo National Park, one of the richest snorkelling/diving areas in the world and home to the famous dragons. 

Flores is east of the Wallace line and this is significant for a number of reasons. The landscape is more arid and in distant ice-ages, was connected to Australia but a deep channel between Bali and Lombok restricted dispersal of wildlife and plants, so Flores has some similarities with Australia - Yellow-crested and Sulphur-crested Cockatoos live here, for instance.

It also has a variety of distinct cultural groups and languages. Its heritage can be seen preserved in places like Bena Village and Wae Rebo.

And then there's its archaeological significance. In 2003, the extinct Hominid Homo floriensis was discovered, a possible pioneer of the first human migration out of Africa. 

Today, Flores remains one of the more forested areas of Indonesia and has a fairly strong tradition of conservation, especially for Komodo Dragons. You can also read about how representatives of BirdLife Indonesia are actively involved in restoration and protection of highland forests. And finally, there are some great deals and offers to visit this Easter.

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(Image, above, Pink Beach near Komodo National Park)


Where is Flores?

How do you get there?

Flores is situated east of Lombok and west of Timor. It's easily accessible by air (or via boat if you join a Pindito trip) from Bali.

Currently there are some extremely competitive Jetstar Dreamliner flights from as little as $555 return + baggageCLICK HERE

Flores Forest Conservation


Aventinus Sadip, named by Burung Indonesia as one of its Nature's Heroes in 2017, is a leader of conservation among his community. For more than ten years he has worked with BirdLife's Indonesian Partner to promote the conservation message to farmers and other citizens in and around the Mbeliling IBA on the island of Flores...

... read more

Three Ways to Experience Flores this year
Up to 30% off Easter trips on Pindito!!

Pindito is offering 20% off selected cruises this Easter - if you're a non-diver, there's an extra 10% off!

Note, diving is not an essential part of these trips. The vessel is equipped to equally accommodate the interests of anyone, diver or non-diver.

Join a Birding Discovery

Scott Baker is leading an 11-day birding tour to Flores between 7-17 June 2018 (from AU$4,250 twin share), which will also visit the remote island of Sumba. 



Travel at Your Leisure

If you're just keen to explore Flores and see Komodo, contact us about one of our general trips starting from AU$2,240 (6 days pp, twin share).

The climate in Flores is pretty reasonable year-round. You can walk or kayak around the islands and watch Komodo Dragons any time.  



6 Natural Wonders of Flores

Wildlife, landscapes and culture dominate on Flores. Wae Rebo (pictured) won a 2012 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Award of Excellence as recognition of the community's effort to restore and conserve the unique mbaru niang houses. It was accomplished with  support of a community-led reconstruction project initiated by Tirto Utomo Foundation and Rumah Asuh and has re-established the sustainability of the built environment whilst fostering the community’s pride and unity. 

... read more

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The Wallace Line

Barely 40 kilometres separate the islands of Bali and Lombok, yet they mark the invisible boundary between two geographic domains, first described in 1859 by revered explorer and Darwin luminary, Alfred Russell Wallace. He believed “the western part to be a separated portion of continental Asia, the eastern the fragmentary prolongation of a former pacific continent” ...

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The famous spider web rice fields of Cancar.

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