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Powerful Owl, image by Simon Mustoe
Edition #50 Powerful Owl


It's our 50th edition!!

Not long after we began Wildiaries and started sending you our digital magazines, we also met Jaime, Felicia and Marina. In January 2014 they performed a house concert for us in Melbourne. 

We strive to support the cross-over between nature and culture so when the artists returned as Belle Miners in 2015 we invited them back and have enjoyed  their ever-increasing success since.  

So we're excited in this edition, to give you gift of LISTENING FOR FREE to the album "Powerful Owl", care of TheMusic.com.au and we invite you to Buy the Album (digital or CD), and maybe even come to one of the LIVE concerts between 3-28 January

We thought we might as well introduce you to the real Powerful Owl, so we've written a short article about these incredible urban birds including a video by Melbourne Tree Care, who have come up with an innovative way to protect the habitat of this endangered bird. 

Because one flew over a Belle Miners evening performance once, they became the inspiration for their album. How can you not be intrigued by any owl, let alone a huge 'powerful' one? They perform their hooting 'duets' in the suburbs of our biggest cities and if you're a light sleeper, like me, you might just wake to hear one in your garden this summer.  

So whether it's owls or Belle Miners, enjoy listening and thank you again for all your support. 

Best wishes,

Simon Mustoe
Founder, Wildiaries

Life-long friends, musicians Felicia Harding and Marina Avros (Canada) and Australian-based Jaime Jackett, combine exquisite harmonies and relatable stories into a 10-track upbeat sonic journey covering themes from love and loss to overcoming life-threatening illness.

JUBILANT (Los Angeles, US)

"Powerful Owl has a living, breathing quality to it like the best of Missy Higgins. The kind of feeling that both breaks your heart and mends it in the same breath."

THE MUSIC (Australia)

"Supremely lovely work from Belle Miners from start to finish."

FORTE MAGAZINE (Geelong, Australia) Four 1/2 STARS

"A shimmering sound, and awe-inspiring set of tracks” 

ALT MEDIA (Sydney, Australia) Three 1/2 STAR

"Beautiful harmonies and touching lyrical storytelling"

SPILL MAGAZINE (Vancouver, CANADA) Three star

"Their harmonies are flawless and their blend of voices is absolutely brilliant ... they write some terrific songs"



The Music Presents...
2018 Belle Miners Australian Tour:

Wed 3 Jan | Magic Mountain, Merimbula NSW
Thu 4 Jan | Berry School of Arts, Berry NSW (Tickets)
Fri 5 Jan | Heritage Hotel, Bulli NSW (Tickets)
Sun 7 Jan | Mosaic Carriage, Fremantle WA SOLD OUT
Thu 11 Jan | Broome Convention Centre, Broome WA (Tickets)
Tue 16 Jan | Hastings Caves, Parks Tasmania, Hastings TAS (Tickets)
Wed 17 Jan | Frank’s Cider Bar, Franklin TAS (Tickets)
Fri 19 Jan | Printers Room, Sebastiaans, Ballarat, VIC (Tickets)
Sat 20 Jan | Skylark Room with 3MDR, Burrinja Upwey VIC (Tickets)
Sun 21 Jan | Toff In Town, Melbourne VIC (Tickets)
Thu 25 Jan | The Mechanics Institute, Nagambie VIC (Tickets)
Fri 26 Jan | Star Theatre, Chiltern VIC (Tickets)


Powerful Owl

Calling all light sleepers

Are you a light sleeper?

About this time of year, you could be woken at night by the double-hoot of one of Australia's owls. If you live in the suburbs (or even CBD) of Sydney or Melbourne, there's every chance one of the world's largest owls, a Powerful Owl, is calling from your back yard ...

... read more

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